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SubUrban has been a long time coming, 16 years to be precise. Pretty much since day one of dating we've been dreaming, planning and imagining to one day do something we can put our own foodie stamp on.  In hindsight the 16 year stretch has done us some favours. We naively thought at the tender ages of 23 and 16 we had it sussed, but in reality if we had launched SubUrban back then, it most certainly would have flopped like an X Factors winners single. This admission may seem daringly honest, but that's what we do and that's who we are. We're honest, its kind of a brand signature

Admittedly the "vision" has changed alot over the years and some ideas were dreamt up after a few vinos and swiftly dropped the next day upon sobriety (chocolate deep fried cheese anyone?!) But the wait was worth it, that we can promise. 

Though the road to SubUrban hasn't been quick or necessarily easy, with a new baby in tow, our vision and ideals for SubUrban have never faltered; to provide the UK with the best damn food its ever tasted. Whilst you'd be forgiven for thinking this is limited to American grub (that is our thing after all) we do alternative options with just as much passion and enthusiasm as we do our American food. With a deeply passionate chef at the helm (Rob) and a savvy marketing and design specialist (Beck) we truly believe between the two of us and a few trusty friends on hand (hey what are friends for eh?!)  we have the kudos to take this wonderful, crazy world of catering by storm

As the title says we might be small (for now) but we sure are mighty. 

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