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We are delighted to offer professional, affordable catering packages for Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings; any event that is cause for a wonderful celebration!

Having worked in some of the North West's most prestigious restaurants for nearly 15 years Robert has gained a fantastic insight into the industry learning from some of the UK's best Chefs before going on to become a Head Chef himself. Rebecca is a fashion Marketing professional, used to running high pressured photoshoots who has a keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach to organising and planning. Together they make a formidable team who are approachable and genuinely want to deliver the best food and service imaginable

Suburban Eats approach is simple; offer unique, high-quality catering packages at a fair affordable price.

A note from Rebecca

"When we got married in 2016 (the image you see in the background is our wedding!) I was astonished at how many companies inflated their prices simply because we were getting married. That can be said for any special occasion so when we decided to start offering catering to the private sector one thing we both resolutely knew was that the pricing would be fair and affordable and the quality would never be comprimised"

Planning a big occasion? Drop us a line and find out more about our catering packages here

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